The Best Dip Stations and Dip Stands

The chest dip is one of the best chest exercises out there, but until recently it was very difficult to perform unless you were a member of a gym or gymnastics club. These days you can get dip stands that will fit your home, either as part of a full dip station (complete with other pieces of equipment such as pull up bars) or as standalone pieces of equipment. In this article we will look at a variety of different dip bars on offer and help you find the right one for you.

Why buy a Dip Bar?

A well executed parallel bar dip will work the pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps. It is one of the hardest bodyweight exercises that you can do, and therefore is fantastic for both upper body strength and hypertrophy. If you are looking to create a home gym then a budget dip bar could easily replace a bench and dumbbell set for your upper body exercises. If you have a bigger budget then it would be a great addition to the rest of your equipment.

What to look for when purchasing a dip bar?

The main thing you are looking for when purchasing a dip bar is stability, you are entrusting the entirety of your body weight to this piece of equipment and having it collapse underneath you would be a nightmare! Durability is another issue, there’s no point buying a dip station that you have to replace every two or three years – that’s why having a warranty is always a good sign with fitness equipment.
Other features like handle design, height, and the amount of variations of the exercise that the dip station allows are also important. Keeping track of all of these issues is tricky, so luckily you have this guide to take you through a selection of the best dip bars out there.

Ollieroo Freestanding Dip Station

dip1This dip station brought to you by Ollieroo is really simple yet really effective. If you are looking for an out-and-out dip bar, nothing fancy just well made then Ollieroo has got you covered. Assembly is incredibly simple, and there are little touches such as the non-slip pads added to the base meaning you can use this dip station on any surface.
The paint is powdered to prevent rust, meaning that you can keep your dip station outside if you want to. The dip station also has a cross-bar that has many functions. Firstly it helps increase stability in the equipment, secondly you can use it to perform raised foot push ups, and thirdly you can use it to make chest dips easier. Just rest your feet on it whilst dipping down (this will take away up to 60% of your bodyweight).
The bars can take a maximum weight of 425lbs so anyone should be able to use them, and most will be able to use weighted vests/belts if they desire. This is an excellent set of dip bars and the price is an absolute steal!

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

dip2Ultimate Body Press are an amazing company that specialize in fitness equipment for bodyweight exercises. The dip bar they offer can either be bought alone, or be bought in combination with a weighted dip belt that allows you to add resistance to your dips. We would definitely recommend the weighted dip belt option as not only is it a bargain when combined with the dip station, but it will make for a much more challenging and diverse workout.
The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is designed to be portable, meaning that you can take it outside or train indoors and then tidy it away in a cupboard. The design is very clever and as a result you can perform both tricep and chest dips, and bodyweight rows . When you attach the weighted belt the number of exercise increases a lot, you can add weighted mountain climbers, spidermans, and bicycle crunches too.
The bars can take a maximum weight of 350lbs and can be used by people up to 6 foot 5 in height which is not bad at all considering this is a portable dip bar station. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes from a very well-known company.

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Dip Station

dip3At first glance this dip station by Fuel Pureformance (awful name) seems way too small to be effective. Most dip stations that you see in the gym are huge, and many are so big that they also contain a pull up bar at the top! This station only comes up to your waist.
The station can take the weight of a 315lb guy and can handle tall people too, it comes with a set of Olympic rings so that you can add even more exercises to your routine. You can also perform bodyweight rows as the bars are angled outwards meaning that you can easily fit your body in-between them.
The station is made of steel, and it has padded grips on the handles for added comfort. The design is beautiful with a black & blue color scheme.

Atlas Adjustable Dip Station

dip4Atlas sells a pair of dip bars that are adjustable, meaning that you can change the height to suit your needs. This is a great feature as it means that you can increase the amount of exercises that you can perform, whilst also helping the very tall and very short among us to use their bars properly.
This set is clearly designed for personal trainers and boot camp owners as they are so easy to assemble/disassemble. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be used at home, but if you are looking for a set of dip bars that you could take outside with you, or put in the back of your car then these are perfect.


The handles are very comfortable, meaning that you can perform hundreds of reps without your hands getting roughed up. The bars can be used for chest dips, tricep dips, inverted bodyweight rows, push ups, and knee raises. The bars are a very good price, which is another reason why Atlas’ product stands out. Similar adjustable dip bars are going for twice the price, without offering any improved features.

XMark Fitness Power Tower with Dip Stand

dip5On the other end of the market we have a complete power tower with dip stand. Whilst the last dip stand we looked at was perfect for portability and price, this product is more suited for a home gym or personal training studio.
The product is very high quality and made from 14-gauge steel, it has a weight capacity of 350lbs and there are small steps attached to help shorter people climb up to the dip bar. You can also perform knee raises safely on this power tower with excellent padding for the lower back and elbows allowing you to perform the exercise with maximum comfort.
The pull up bar at the top of the tower is designed for wide grip, close grip, and neutral grip pull ups. This is a great dip station and the extra features are excellent. There are also some nice little touches like the anti-scratch protection on the bottom of the station. As mentioned before, the little steps that have been added are another example of an extra bit of thought being put into the design of this product.
There isn’t much information regarding a warranty, just a small comment saying that you need to contact the seller directly for more information. This is a little irritating as when spending a decent amount of money on equipment you should be confident that it is insured to last long, hopefully the company will update this information and make their policy a little clearer.

Final Thoughts

You’ve seen a huge variety of different dip stations and stands available, now it is important for you to pick the right one for you. If you are looking for something that you could place in a home gym then the station from Ollieroo or the XMark Fitness Power Tower would be the ideal product. If you are slightly limited in the amount of space you have available then the Fuel Pureformance deluxe dip station might be a better fit.
For those of you who are personal trainers or boot camp instructors you might prefer the Ultimate Body Press dip bar or Atlas adjustable dip station as they can be carried around easily and be assembled in record time. Or if you don’t have any real preference and can choose any of them then decide whether you’d prefer a budget version like the Atlas or go all out with the XMark.
Whatever one you choose make sure that you use it regularly, dips are an incredibly challenging exercise particularly for beginners. But mastering them will yield huge rewards, bigger pectorals, deltoids and triceps. Also don’t forget the additional exercises that a lot of these station offer, such as pull ups or inverted bodyweight rows. Then there are hanging knee raises which are a fantastic abdominal exercise.